May 18

Winter-Spring Sports Awards

Congrats to the Garner program for earning the 2017 Wells Fargo Cup for the Greater Neuse River Conference for combined highest standing in all sports.

Other results from the Winter-Spring Sports assembly we gleamed from social media (hope to have complete list later):

Alex Reed, GNRC Basketball Player of the Year; Eddie Gray, Coach of the Year: Player of the Year: All-GNRC: Alex Reed, Kenyon Burt, Demetric Horton, Trayvon Ferrell; Sportsmanship: Donovan Evans

Mikayla Brumbles, GNRC Softball Pitcher of the Year; Coach Moe Barbour GNRC Coach of the Year; Mikayla Brumbles named Varsity MVP;  All-Conference: Brumbles, Libby Bynum, Kira Jackson, Haleigh Joyner, Krissy D’Arco, Kari Sutton; Academic All-Conference: Brumbles, Bynum, Jackson, Sutton, Sam Armstrong, Ashton Harris, Krissy D’Arco, Kristina Cardenas, Susan Jones, Sydney Jones, Kaitlyn Robeson

Nolan McLean – GNRC Baseball Player of the year; Coach Derik Goffena GNRC Coach of the Year; All-GNRC: Brett Banks, Tyler Gillespy, Wellington Guzman, Chris Roddenberry, Noah Gallogly; Sportsmanship Award: Malik Stephens

Noel Buitrago, Carrington Clack Swimming MVP: All-GNRC: Buitrago, Clack, Hailey Phillips, Andrew Young, Evan Wright, Scott Barbeau, Dalton Forster, Dennis Parker;  All-Academic Swimming GNRC team: Buitrago, Cody Carpenter, Dalton Forster, Payton Nugent, Scott Truelove, Caroline French, Hope Harrington, Ashley Little, Scott Barbeau, Brayden Miley, Dennis Parker, Eloy Parrilla, Evan Wright, Emily Croteau, Jaleigh Durby, Kathryn Kroll, Samantha Marshall, Hailey Phillips, Jenna Tripp, Kayla Wyatt, Sean French, Robert Martin, Nick Oerter, Evan Parker, Addie Rand, Caitlin Burdish, Grayson Carey, Clack, Claire Getz, Olivia Gnall, Peyton Leischner, Caroline Truelove, Cassidy Wilson, Katelyn Carpenter, Arianna Gernhard Lexi Gibson, Olivia Stoltz; Sportsmanship: Kenny Dearstine, Caroline French; Trojan Award Nick Richard & Hope Harrington

Joseph Walls named GNRC Tennis Coach of the Year; Dillon Chavez – Sportsmanship Award; Jared Ingram, John Yokley, Spencer Kieft, Colton Wood – All Conference; Jared Ingram and Spencer Kieft– Most Outstanding Players Colton Wood – Trojan Award; Tyler Reyes, Sean Gilmartin, Will Dawson, Jasper Verstrat, Ian Mason, Sean Strickland, Colton Wood, John Yokley, Ricky Herrera, Wrenn Dawson, Cody Carpenter, Seth Bryan and Jared Ingram – Academic All Conference; Jared Ingram, Spencer Kieft, John Yokley and Colton Wood– Regional Qualifiers

Savannah Hamrick, All-GNRC Academic Lacrosse team

Kasey Adams Most Outstanding Varsity Soccer Player; All-GNRC: Anna Grossheim Kasey Adams, Morgan Thomas, Kayla Wyatt; Academic All Conference: Adams, Lily Schild ; Trojan award: Lily Schild: Sportsmanship Award Kiara De La Torre

Trey Capps, GNRC Golfer of the Year; Capps committed to William Peace University golf; All-GNRC Capps, Daniel Barbare; Colby Jackson; Morgan Sawyer earns Conference Sportsmanship Award

Bailey Benjamin earns Trojan Outstanding Player & Schindler receives the Trojan Award. Coach Burch previously shared the team All-Conference selections directly with the webpage: Bailey Benjamin  2nd Team Midfield (Guilford College Lacrosse recruit honored for his 100th career goal this season); Keion White 2nd Team Defense, Aaron Roberts   Honorable Mention  Attack; Randy Schindler Honorable Mention  Defense; Spencer Stephenson Honorable Mention  Goalie; Coach Burch earned “Man of the Year” honors for the conference.

Junior cheerleader Ashton Sims named All Conference, All Academic, and MVP for the Varsity Cheer squad

Kameron Bridgers Most Outstanding Wrestler; Austin Duncan Trojan Award recipient

RJ Terry, Jonah Ross earn Indoor & Outdoor Track Most Outstanding Player awards; Coach Gary George, GNRC Coach of the Year; Trojan Awards: Randolph Ross and Nelitza Dominguez Indoor season; Simeon Franklin, Sierra Moore and Naomi  Dolby for the Outdoor season: All-Conference: Jacobi Asor-Sallah, DJ Harris, RJ Terry, Ramone Jeffers, Ralph Vieux, Ellison Moore, Randolph Ross, Matthew Butler. Roderic Christian. Simeon Franklin. Izaiah Houston, James McMillan, Donvan Evans, Prestige Bellamy, Marrabbi Brown, Andrea Robinson, Jacquelin Perez, Sierra Moore, Nelitza Dominquez, Jhanay Chenault, Fedlise Paku, Shayla Guy, Kiki Peeples, Rebecca Ajala 

Information harvested from the News and Observer (5/30/17) and various social media posts. The webpage admins will try to be available by email, social media and attend more events in the future so information can be received or they may wish you to get your Trojan info from http://www.wakecountyathletics.com/garnerhs