Nov 21

Trojans Swimming edge GNRC in opener

Carrington Clack wins 100y freestyle¬†in 55.92 & Noel Buitrago 2nd in 100y butterfly¬†to lead the defending GNRC Champions girls and boys past Rolesville and Clayton at Triangle Aquatic Center in their 2016 opener. Braydon Miley is the high GNRC finisher in the 200 IM and Steven Tett records 2nd in the 100y breaststroke for Coach Berube’s Trojans.

Men: Garner 122, Rolesville 103, Clayton 61
Women: Garner 112, Rolesville 108, Clayton 90
200y medley relay: 3) Garner: Ashley Little, Hailey Phillips, Peyton Leischner, Carrington Clack; 6) Garner B:Arianna Gernhard, Caitlin Burdick, Joleigh Duty, Grayson Carey
200y medley relay: 3) Garner: Scott Barbeau, Noel Buitrago, Braydon Miley, Nick Richard; 5) Garner B: Dalton Forster, Payton Nugent, Andrew Young, Robert Martin
200y F freestyle: 7) Addie Band
200y M freestyle: 4) Dalton Forster, 6) Eloy Parrilla
200y F IM: 5) Grayson Carey, 7) Joleigh Duty
200y M IM: 3) Braydon Miley, 6) Payton Nugent
50y F freestyle: 5) Kathryn Kroll, 8) Caroline French
50y M freestyle: 5) Andrew Young, 7) Nick Richard
100y F butterfly: 4) Peyton Leischner, 5) Ariana Gernhard
100y M butterfly: 2) Noel Buitrago,
100y M freestyle: 5) Tim Hankins, 6) Robert Martin
500y F freestyle: 6) Addie Band, 7) Saman Marshall
500y M freestyle: 4) Nick Richard, 6) Eloy Parrilla
200y F freestyle relay: 2) Garner:Peyton Leischner, Arianna Gernhard, Hailey Phillips, Carrington Clack; 6) Garner B: Grayson Carey, Kathryn Kroll, Caroline French, Ashley Little
200m M freestyle relay: 4) Garner: Robert Martin, Tim Hankins, Dalton Forster, Andrew Young; 5) Garner B: Steven Tett, Nicholas Oerter, Payton Nugent, Scott Truelove
100y F backstroke: 6) Claire Getz, 7) Ashley Little
100y M backstroke: 6) Scott Truelove, 7) Kenny Dearstine
100y F breaststroke: 4) Hailey Phillips, 5) Caitlin Burdick
100y M breaskstroke: 2) Noel Buitrago, 4) Payton Nugent
400y F freestyle relay: 2) Garner:Peyton Leischner, Arianna Gearhard, Hailey Phillips, Carrington Clack; Garner B: Grayson Carey, Claire Getz, Joleigh Duty, Ashley Little
400y M freestyle relay: 3) Garner: Andrew Young, Dalton Forster, Robert Martin, Noel Buitrago; 4) Garner B: Tim Hankins, Bernado Gelabert, Nick Richard, Scott Truelove

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