May 08

Trojan Club Scholarship recipients honored

Congrats 2015 Trojan Club Scholarship recipients honored at the 2015 Trojan Hall of Fame banquet. Students must participate in varsity level sports, maintain +3.0 GPA and receive recommendations from their Coach. The Trojan Club evaluates applicants on their community service and school activities:

  • Ryan Calhoun
  • Montana Dare,
  • Sarah Pierce
  • Nicole Root
  • Lindsay Wright
  • Kyle Sammarco
  • Jordan Sanders,
  • Logan Schild,
  • Sarah Schindler,
  • Michaela Wycoff

Miss Schindler and & Miss Wycoff received Garner Chiropractic & Wellness Center Scholarships from loyal supporter Dr. Perry Kirch.

Mr. Sammarco received the All-Star Waste Scholarship from valuable contributor Tommy Sims (’86)

The Cagle-Ormond Foundation honored Julius Barnes with their inaugural scholarship for GMHS Students. Their foundation, established to honor the memory of Trojan alums and long-time GMHS Supporters Ed Ormond (’62) and Buddy Cagle, motto is “Helping One Kid at A Time