Apr 15

GMHS “Coming Home” Event April 16th

GMHS Administration invites alumni and the Garner community to attend the “Coming Home” event April 16th. The event kicks off at 10 am in the school lobby (no parade). The school will be open for you to visit with refreshments provided by local Garner restaurants & a slideshow will be playing in the auditorium.

To contact the school about the Coming Home event, please use the email garnerhighcominghome@gmail.com.  The Staff would love to have pictures of the 48-year history of the campus. Submit your digital pics at this address or send your questions regarding participation.

April 16 Coming Home Schedule

The event coincides with the pending move of our school to the future South Garner High School facility in the Fall of 2016 until renovations of the Spring Drive campus is completed (estimate of two years, with the Trojans returning to the new facility 2018.