May 18

GEF scholarship awards announced

Loyal Garner Educational Foundation announced their scholarship recipients in their annual Marjorie B. Barefoot Educational Awards recognition ceremony. Past scholarship winner, Alex Garver (’12) was recognized during the ceremonies as one of many Trojan academic successes:

  • Stephanie Zavaleta, Caroline Ball Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Scott Harty, Commit and Don’t Quit Scholarship
  • Camden McCall, Commit and Don’t Quit Scholarship
  • Alisha Woodside, Commit and Don’t Quit Scholarship
  • Ryan Calhoun, Don and Betty Rohbaugh Family Scholarship
  • Emily O’Neill, Garner Town Council Scholarship
  • Lacey Edgerton, Jane and Charles Killian Scholarship
  • Sarah Pierce, Martin Luther King Celebration Scholarship
  • Bradley Robeson, Mayor of Garner Educational Scholarship
  • Ashlie Brewer, National Pawn Scholarship
  • Kaitlyn Francis, National Pawn Scholarship
  • Montana Dare, R.W. Moore Scholarship
  • Amanda Gregory, Starr Electric-Company Scholarship
  • Bailey Murad, Starr Electric-Company Scholarship
Garner Educational Foundation