Apr 27

Barbour, Coppedge claim World titles

Trojans Taylor Coppedge (13) & Gavin Barbour (’16) claimed World titles in Championship events this weekend. Miss Coppedge & her Premier Athletics Clayton Shockers team wins the Hip Hop Dance World Championship in the Open Coed Divison. Mr. Barbour & his CEA Coed Elite team claims first at the World Cheer Championship in the Large Coed Division. Competion was held at Disney World. Great job to both our Trojans and their teams for their hard work

Gavin Barbour 2016 World Cheer Championship

Gavin Barbour (’16), 2015 World Cheer Champion

Taylor Coppedge 2013 World Dance Hip Hop Championship

Taylor Coppedge (’13) & 2015 World Dance Hip Hop Open Coed Champions

Congrats as well to Trojans Sierra Barbour (’14) Ashton Sims (’18) and Sutton Hodges and their Cheer Extreme All-Stars SSX on their 5th place finish at the World Cheer Championship. Terrific achievement out of hundreds of team in the competition.